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Computer goodies: history of AMD CPUs, quantum computers explained, how bitcoin works, 3D processors based on N3XT specs

There are simply too many news and videos to write about and I don’t have the will to write 3-5 long articles per day. Nor the time, actually. People have to work here, eh? But, instead I like to save the links to such videos and then post them with a short paragraph on TGTG, TehGeekTive.

It is a good time to live it. Well, when wasn’t it in the last 200 years of scientific and technological marvels? In the first video you will see Linus going through the AMP CPU history, from the first chips meant to rival Intel’s “286” up until current day. AMD started off as a company creating X86 CPUs for Intel and then went on its own path. I do hope they can keep it up!

What are quantum computers? Well, those are computers which use quantum bits, states of elementary particles which are unknown until you start measuring them. Only a number of people in the world know how such a computer should work, but you can understand more by looking at the following video:

Do you have any bitcoins? The bitcoin is a digital currency and it costs about $458 right now. Steve Gibson, from the show Security Now, has about 50 bitcoins from the days when everyone could easily mine these bitcoins. Now you need to have entire datacenters to be able to mine ie run the algorithms to mathematically spot the solutions which reveal new bitcoins.

Learn more from the following video:

I love the news section from the NCIX guys. They are always cheerful and bring us the top tech news of the day. There isn’t a single day without them. Today we learn that 3D processors aka “skycraper” chips based on N3XT specs have been developed by researchers at Stanford.

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