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Sound tech and facts: how does a music box work, sound dampening, the science of music

The Engineer Guy has posted a new stunning video about the music boxes and how do they work. You HAVE to subscribe to his channel if you want to understand why engineers are a great creative bunch and why we owe them a great deal a respect.

Engineers are the link between scientists and regular people. They transform science into technology. In the video from above you see why a metal comb is a great choice when building a mechanical music box. How these metallic combs generate the sounds is explained by the way each comb teeth is vibrating. Did you know that if you add some weight to a teeth it will vibrate differently?

Music boxes. Awesome stuff.

Now Linus goes into the other direction and teaches us about sound dampening, ways to reduce the noise from around us. In the video from below you will learn about the four ways the sound is dampened: distance, noise cancellation (active anti-noise generators), reflecting/absorbing sound by using shapes and materials (passive noise dampening, also using sound proofing via insulated layers), and via quantum mechanics (creating materials which don’t allow sound to travel through them).

And now to the facts about the science of music from Mental Floss. You will find out about: music being on the same level as sex, enjoyable music will make us spend more, music helps in immune system function, loud music can lead to a better behavior, the brain acts similarly to music even though we have different taste in music.

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