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The future of information storage: DNA

Dr Robert Grass, Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich, and DR Reinhard Heckel, Postdoctoral Researcher, are working on a way to store information in DNA. DNA is very resilient and it can also withstand space travel as an experiment with plasmids in 2011 has shown us: a series of plasmids have been put on the outside of rocket TEXUS-49 and then sent to space and then back again. More than 70% of the plasmids were intact.

This is why Dr Robert Grass and Dr Reinhard Heckel are wanting to put the information of the whole world in DNA and then protest that DNA with a glass capsule. Glass is very resilient also and with fossilized DNA you can store information for millions of years. Paper, CDs, USB sticks will all be gone by year 1 million, but not our legacy, the information we now have.

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