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Introductory concepts: science based medicine, evolutionary biology, information history, astronomy

Yes, another week-end has passed and I’ve spent quite some time following courses and documentaries. What a life! In the video from above you will learn what science based medicine is and why is it important. Knowing a couple of basic concepts from the world of medicine, the true one, not the one which heals you with lies, is a must these days. Why? Because even some doctors have turned on medicine and are against vaccinations. Those fools.

Now, in regards to evolution, there is evolutionary biology, which explains how we reached the idea of evolution and what proof is there for such claims. Check the video from below to see a short history of evolutionary biology a well established science field nowadays:

Want to know how we developed techniques to store information throughout the time and how these advancements have, in turn, helped us evolve and build the society we now have? Check the video from below. You will see how we moved passed scrolls in the old ages and then we came back to scrolls when we are scrolling on websites on the internet:

Learn, from ILectureOnline, why the telescopes are so important for astronomers. At first there were the refractive telescopes, which used lenses, and now we are reflexive telescopes, which use reflective mirrors to channel more light than eve. Learn about focal points, basic optics, interferometry and how to calculate angular resolution:

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