Science craze: 7 hours of science. I dare you watch them all in one day!

Yesterday and Saturday were lazy days for me. I had some work to do, but otherwise made sure to spend hours upon hours watching documentaries, online videos of courses.

In the first video you see a team from Fermilab, US talking about a specific topic, like what are neutrinos or the importance of an operator for the particle accelerator they have at Fermilab. The guys at Fermilab have discovered the up quark, bottom quark and the tau neutrino.

Moving on to the next movie, you will learn from Prof. Melvin Pomerantz of UC Berkeley what science is and what we do know and what we do not know in the field of physics. For example we do not know what energy or charge is, but we do knot a ton of things about how they work and how we can make them work for us.

See the video:

Had enough physics? Let’s learn about a great Englishman called Robert Hooke. He is associated specifically with the elasticity laws when we use springs, but he was also an inventor and the one go gave the idea to Newton that gravity is a force which can be calculated using calculus. Check out more:

We then go to our Periodic Table of Elements to find out more info about some of them. For example, Telurium has a smell and taste much like garlic and, coincidentally, was first discovered in Romania, Transylvania, Zlatna, not far from the Dracula Castle (Bran village). Video:

And we end up our list of videos by probing our minds using neuroscience. How do thoughts come into existence, how does our brain work? We are able to learn, move and evolve because there are already some underlying structures in our brain, like specific neurons linked and positioned in a certain way which would permit us to learn. Some concepts are already hardwired/hardcoded in our brains.

Yes, we already have notions of up and down, here and there and so on, but we strengthen them via experience, via our sensors:

Do not want to spend 7 hours by watching all these 5 videos? Then speed up the process by choosing Speed 2. You will still be able to understand the core concepts and ideas of the videos. Try it out.

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