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Gaming pc, buyers guide. Bonus: CPU cache and things to try in Fallout 4

Linus explains, once again, what parts you need to use in order to create a gaming pc. Incredibly enough you can build a 1080p gaming pc even with 700 dollars. You can then move one to $1200 and even $2200 to build performance based workstations which can also be used for video processing.

Although my dream gaming pc is a little different now than last year, the basics are the same: you first need to know exactly what for you will use the gaming pc and then decide what to spend money on.

For example, if you want a pc for gaming only, then you can easily use an i5 processor with a good video card. If you also want some processing power for video processing, then an i7 could be a better fit.

Also, will you upgrade each year or will you use the pc for a good while? When I think of a gaming pc I usually try to make it future proof for about 4 years.

A new gaming pc I would build today costs about $3000 and would use a Skylake i7 processor, 32 GB DDR4 @3200Mhz, a GeForce Titan X or a R9 Fury X plus the other parts, among them a Z170 motherboard. Just because.

Also, it is best to buy processors which have the most cache you can get. Why? Because a processor with bigger cache memory can perform more computations/second that one without a cache. Here is why:

As far as games go, Fallout 4 and GTA V are in my top three, although the thought of a new release of Rainbow Six tingles my brain each day. Oh, the joy of destroying everything in your way just to get through the day 😀

What you should definitively do in Fallout 4:

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