Health jam: mixing drugs, vitamin supplements and the science of placebo

Mixing drugs is harmful, even deadly. Didn’t your doctor tell you that already? Mixing drugs with alcohol has the same deadly effect. People need to be very careful and ask their doctors if some drugs can be taken with other drugs.

This is why it is always good to tell your doctor that you’re already on medication or if you take any meds which he didn’t prescribe. You life can depend on it. How do the drugs kill you? Easy: when you mix drugs the body breaks them down and generates toxic substances which can lead o liver failure or impede brain functions.

What do we know about vitamin supplements? What we already knew: they are crap. If you have healthy food at home, you do not need them. Also, only your doctor can prescribe what you may need. Don’t just take vitamins “pre-emtive” because they will do harm. Period.

We remain in the realm of meds and drugs and investigate the Placebo Effect, which is used in order to test real drugs for their efficiency. Placebos are pills that don’t do anything. The doctor tells you that they are medicine and thus they will help you cure your illness. Thinking of this you will feel better, but the illness will not go away, the injuries will still be there.

You only feel better:

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