Polarization of light explained

When I first wanted to learn about the polarization of light I found it hard to understand the concept and how do polarized filters work and why is this important.

For example, if you use polarized glasses while you drive, then the horizontally polarized light scattered off the road or off the lake surface will be filtered by those glasses and you will not be distracted or blinded anymore. You will see the road or lake surface better.

Polarization of light the the direction in which is propagates and it can be vertical horizontal or circular. When you use polarized filters you allow only some type of polarized light to go through which has practical applications like the glassed from above and also lets you make scientific studies.

For example, light generated by the Sun is not polarized as it contains all manner of polarized light. When that light reaches the atmosphere of a planet then the reflected light is polarized and this way you can know that you see light coming from a planet, not from a star.

The video from above explains how you can obtain and manipulate polarized light. Great animation.

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