George Hrab about skepticism

In a great talk George Hrab explains what skepticism is and why we all should use it even if we are sure of the things we see in front of us. Skepticism is not cynism or denialism, both traits which are not welcome to a true to heart skeptic. A cynical person sees always the negative in things and a denialist is always counter to a given idea even if there are proofs to direct him otherwise.

For example, there are no EU skeptics. No, those are EU denialists like the climate change denialists. Also, sketicism is not a faith, because you do not believe in spite of proof, but you trust proof as the ultimate weapon to finding out the truth. Also, skepticism is a tool, not an end goal. You use skepticism in order to gain acces to truth via proof.

Also, it does not matter how skeptic you are as there is always that small something in your mind which tends to cloud your judgement. We all have biases.

Via Phil Plait.

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