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Is life in Fallout 4 feasible? Science says: YES.

The main theme in the Fallout games is that a nuclear disaster takes place and some lucky people, who paid the right price, were selected to go into the allmighty protective vaults while others have been left out to rot like bugs.

After a while you emerge from one of the vaults only to discover a brave new world of destruction, killing and non-humanity. You’re brought into the game o do more killings and non-humane acts as you go along in order to survive. The game is a game of survival, not one of moral choices, although you’re give such options from time to time.

Anyways, would such a vault help people ride the centuries? Yes. With the tech and science we have today we can recycle the waste, get energy from the ground, have enough light, air and food in self grown farms to last forever.

Watch the video from above why something like this is feasible.

Via Science Alert.

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