The REAL jetpack is here now: Jetpack Aviation’s JB-9

Jetpacks are not a cool scifi thing anymore. They are real and have gotten to the point of being practical. Jetpack Aviation’s JB-9 is a true jetpack in the sens that you can walk around with it, you can fly and steer it quite nicely and it offers you a nice landing. And no, you won’t burn because of the device.

It actually uses real jets, like the ones from the airplanes in order to propel you forwards. The next version, JB-10 will achieve flights of over 10,000 feet altitude, speeds of 100 mph and it will be able to do this for about 10 minutes.

JB-9 eats up around 4 litres of fuel per minute and the actual turbojets are quite small. You can carry about 38 litres of fuel and the controls are mechanical. Costwise it is possible that such a jetpack might cost around $10k mark when it will be available to the public.

Via Spectrum IEEE.

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