Your body is amazing: body facts of the week

ASAP Science explains why our bodies are incredible biological machines which are much younger than we think due to cell regeneration. The cells from the stomach regenerate once in 5 days and the epidermis is shed once every 2-4 weeks and new brain cells can be born in your own brain.

The eyes can differentiate between 2.3 – 7.5 million colors and the smell is able to smell 1 trillion different odours. Losing the pinky finger you lose 50% of your hands strength and about 5 lbs in your body are bacteria.

Check the list of other body fact videos from below to get enough of you(r body) for now.

How old are you? Well, you’re younger than you think:

What makes muscles grow? Tearing them apart:

You said mucus is bad? Nope. It has bacteriophages, viruses which kill bacteria, proteins, while blood cells, other bacteria which keep you healthy and protected:

Weight loss pills? Those don’t work. You need to eat well, sleep well and train. These are the only things that will help you get thinner. Your body knows best:

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