Vsauce – Juvenoia

“Juvenoia is an exaggerated fear about the influence of social change on children and youth” (University of New Hampshire – PDF). Vsauce aka Michael goes on to investigate if and why is there a generation gap. Was this gap in there for ever? Did something happen in the last centuries? Do these fears have any real reasons?

From the video Vsauce has created you will see that the term teenager didn’t even existed until the industrial era, when children had been moved out of the workforce and onto the school benches.

This is when the children have been setup as a different category with it’s own needs. This is when marketers started targeting children and teenagers as this new generation could now buy things without the approval of their parents.

Teens and adults have been all times at odds. There is nothing new under the Sun. Teens have always thought they know better and adults have always told these teens that their time was better.

In light of these findings juvenoia is true and has always been true. This exaggerated fear that society has influence over the teens had always been there. The generations gap has always been there because both groups have helped build it.

So, no, the kids these days are not nastier or worse than you were back in your time. Just that you don’t remember exactly what you did.

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