History of the iPhone

The iPhone is an iconic device that shaped the current generation of smartphone users. Basically, smartphones started their age when the iPhone was launched, so Apple can be proud of being a road opener.

Linus goes through a short history of the iPhone:
– 2007: first iPhone; touch, multitouch, a better mobile browser
– 2008: iPhone 3G; added 3G networks to its belt,
– 2009: iPhone 3Gs; S stands for “speed”,
– 2010: iPhone 4; aluminum materials, retina display, front facing camera
– 2011: iPhone 4s; Full HD recording, 64GB storage, Siri
– 2012: iPhone 5; LTE support, lighter aluminum body, wider screen,
– 2013: iPhone 5s; fingerprint verification (TouchID)
– 2014: iPhone 6; slo-mo recording at 240fps, NFC for ApplePay
– 2015: iPhone 6s; 4K video recording, 3D Touch.

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