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Buy used PC parts? Why not?

Usually I’d refrain from buying used PC parts. You never know when they will fail. If I buy something for my PC, then I’ll get them from the store.

In any case, if someone is in dire need of money and wants to dive into buying used PC parts then Jay has a couple of pieces of advice in the video from above. It is mainly about making sure the parts look ok, are doing ok in initial testing.

Some info from the video:
– overclocking CPU/video cards is a-OK since the life reduced by overclocking is really tiny
– when you buy from the forums, make sure they have a lot of posts and that they are highly rated
– make sure it has documents and warranty
– make sure you choose brands which allow you to transfer warranty
– check to see if the owner is the first owner of the card
– ask why they are selling it
– request the picture of the socket if you buy motherboards (check for bent pins)

Happy gaming.

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