Germ theory: how scientists found out what makes us ill and saved million of lives

Germ theory is the scientific theory that tells us that some illnesses are generates by viruses, bacteria, parasites and was first inventigates thoroughly and coined by John Snow and Englishman who was doing research on the cholera cases which showed up in London in 1854.

He was helped in 1884 by Robert Koch’s experiments in which he isolated the cholera causing bacteria, demonstrating that those tiny critters were at the base of the illness. This way the germ theory got support and then was demonstrated over and over again as being true and it is at the core of today’s medical establishment.

Good that the miasma theory was debunked and now we can point the fingers to the true cause of some diseases, at leas. Yay, for germ theory.

Note: The video says that Louis Pasteur was the first inventor of vaccines. Not. Vaccines were invented by Edward Jenner in 1790, not by Luis Pasteur. Pasteur invented the process of pasteurisation in which bacteria are killed when food from a recipient is sterilized by inserting in a hot stove for a while.

Learn about how vaccines work in here:

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