Evolution of the desktop [pic]

Do we really know how much did our offices change in last decades? If previously we needed to have a ton of devices and things on our desktop, now we only use our smartphone for pictures, sending emails, viewing videos and so on.

Check out the image from below. The kids that now are getting born will never know how a modem sounded back in the days. That is a tragedy! Pic via.

Original source is Best Reviews:

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I am the producer of the Evolution of the Desk video that you have featured here: The content you have posted is not original, but you can keep it up as long as you mention the actual producer, Best Reviews, and provide a clickable link to the original source:

We spent a lot of time and resources creating the video and would like proper attribution. Thanks in advance for your support.

Ben Faw

Co Founder @BestReviews

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