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Pi day is over? Learn more about Pi from these videos

Whenever there is a circular path involved we encounter pi, the ratio between the circumference and the diameter of the circle. No matter what, pi is all over our technology. People can love or hate pi, but I take it simply as fact and don’t spend too much time thinking about it.

Now, Hank Green presents the importance of pi in the video from above and Michel van Biezen will explain the role of pi in different civilizations and how we came about calculating pi with more and more accuracy:

What is pi? It’s just a ratio!

Ancient history of Pi: Babylon and Egypt

Ancient history or PI: Archimedes Method

Using infinite series to calculate Pi

Calculating pi using darts. This method devised by Veritasium and Physics Girl is ingenious: you throw a big number of darts to a board where you have a square and a circle circumscribed within it. You count the number of dart from inside the square and then the number of darts from inside the cicle, calculate the ratios of these numbers and then you get pi.

Their result is presented below:

Finally, we get to a math nerd who loves math beyond everything else. She makes great videos and she hates Pi:

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