Fighting cancer with tumor ablation?

Thuderf00t’s father has terminal liver cancer and thus Thunderf00t looked into tumor ablation, which is cancer killing by freezing, heating or poisoning the cancer area. He tested an artificial sugar called laculose and saw that it is highly hydrophilic, meaning that it takes up water from the surroundings.

Would laculose help killing off cancer if injected in a tumor area?

Here are his thoughts:

Tumor ablation is basically killing off all the cancer cells by either freezing, cooking or poisoning. The ‘poisoning’ is normally done with ethanol (alcohol), although the reckoning is, the cell killing activity here is by dehydration.
Well all you need to dehydrate stuff is something thats good at absorbing water, and preferably very non-toxic to life.

While visiting my parents, I learned about laculose (a laxative sugar), and intrigued by its action, I looked into how it functioned. Turns out its an ‘artificial sugar’ which the body cannot metabolize. However its also extremely non-toxic.

Could laculose (as a very viscous solution) be used for tumor ablation. My money says yes. The sheer non-toxicity of the substance makes it an ideal candidate. However injected into a tumor, it will very effectively pull out the water from the surrounding material (eg the cancer) killing it.

My Dad probably has terminal liver cancer at this point. At an earlier stage ablative techniques could have offered a better prognosis, but we are probably past that now.
Cancer typically kills you by obstructing stuff, and so Im currently looking at physical ways of preventing that. From someone who always was squeemish around organs, Ive gone to someone who daily does experiments on pigs liver.

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