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Petition SUBWAY to remove dihydrogen monoxide from its products #h2okills

The guys at IFL Science have informed us that SUBWAY is using dihydrogen monoxide in their products.

Dihydrogen monoxide is used as industrial solvent and coolant and also used in production of yoga mats. Call Food Babe and petition SUBWAY to remove dihydrogen monoxide from their products.

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The dihydrogen monoxide hoax involves calling water by the unfamiliar chemical name “dihydrogen monoxide” (DHMO), and listing some of water’s effects in an alarming manner, such as the fact that it accelerates corrosion and can cause severe burns. The hoax often calls for dihydrogen monoxide to be regulated, labeled as hazardous, or banned. It illustrates how the lack of scientific literacy and an exaggerated analysis can lead to misplaced fears.[1]

Yes way. Dihydrogen (Di meaning 2 and hydrogen the element) Monoxide (mono meaning 1 and oxygen the element) orin other words 2 H’s and 1 O or H2O, the chemical compound that is water.

So this is the stupidest petition I’ve ever seen. It’s saying to ban water from being used in subways bread. I can’t believe that you guys are so nieve to believe the crap that Food Babe puts on the internet. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about AT ALL! ?? Dihydrogen monoxide’s chemical formula is H20. This means it has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, just like water! I would think that adults like us would be able to figure it out instead of blindly believe everything on the Internet ?

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