Zombies in real life? Yup, nature has that

Jow Hanson tells us about some parasites and animals that infect animals and change their behavior. In some situations the parasites determine the infected animals to behave in a suicidal way, like mice that become attracted to cats because of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite or like.

Or crickets jump into water and die because the 1 meter long worm from inside them made them do this. And there are many other such animals that infect their hosts and change their behavior:
– Apocephalus borealis bee – the Phorid fly will infect it with its eggs, those eggs will eat the bee from the inside and make it fly erratically
– worker ants – if one is infected by a Cordiceps fungus it will leave the group, hang onto a leave and then die in there, letting the fungus grow from its head and then fall onto other ants
– and many more such cases.

For more see the video from above.

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