The real deal: the first smart sports helmet

The future is here, guys, Now you can have a smart helmet which displays all the details you need in real time. You can even communicate with your buddies while skiing down from a mountain or while on motorcycles. It is like a gamer’s dream come true. The real HUD is here, guys.

From the inventors of this nice thing:
The Forcite Alpine helmet, developed by three University of New South Wales (Australia) graduates, packs a full HD camera, GPS, stereo speakers, a noise-cancelling microphone to communicate with friends via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, impact sensors, an emergency beacon and a microcomputer into a world-standard safety helmet for snow sports enthusiasts.

UNSW Industrial Design graduates Alfred Boyadgis and Julian Chow and Engineering graduate George Constantinos developed the helmet with founding partner design engineering agency Cocreators. It follows in the footsteps of Alfred’s successful final year project, the “Robocop” helmet for emergency services motorcyclists

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