Short summary of Windows 10

Linus explains what the main features of Windows 10 are. I never got to love Win 8, but with Win 10 I may just try the plunge.

What I like about Win 10 is that they bring the start menu back, the will use multiple desktops, like MacOS does, they will implement DirectX 12 for better gaming and also will change the way the windows are docking on the screen.

You will be able to snap three windows instead of two like Win 7 does.

Also, they will release Spartan, their new browser. Hopefully this will be a better browser than IE.

2 Responses to “Short summary of Windows 10”

  1. 1) If you want something Mac-like and reliable (RELIABLE!! OMG!!), get a Mac. And none of this partition-your-hard-drive crap.

    2) Hope all you want. Hope is not a plan.

    • I’m perfectly comfortable with Windows. Most video games are for Windows and thus I’ll stay here just fine.

      Partitioning hard drive, formatting, defragmenting them is nothing that would keep me away from Windows. Those could be minor nuisances.

      Also, I don’t want something Mac like, I liked the multiple desktop idea 😀