Why vaccines work?

It is not because we say so. Vaccines work because they were built for this purpose: to prevent diseases. Joe Hanson, Ph. D., explains what vaccines are and how they protect ourselves. Many kids had issues with polio and measles until a few decades back and many of them would paralyze or die because of the illness.

But it seems that some celebrities are telling people that vaccines are bad and thus parents have started to refuse vaccination. As a consequence a measles outbreak could be seen these weeks in the US. Such an outbreak happened only decades ago, but in US the measles were extinct because of the vaccines.

Those dumb-ass celebrities will have the blood of many kids on their hands soon enough for promoting an anti-vaccine and anti-science movement. Guys, whenever you can vaccinate yourselves and your kids.

Let’s rap on vaccine music

The anti-vaccine movement is old and many believe it is ok to be antivax because they don’t want to learn and understand how vaccines work:

Here is also a summary of the components in a vaccine:

Too bad that the measles have done a comeback. Too bad for us all:

Also, measles is only the beginning (via Zoso/ via1) and the anti-vaccine movement has a ton of cash on their side.

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