See a laser pulse flying with a femtocamera

Ok, it isn’t that easy, but the researchers from Edinburgh, England were able to see the laser light how it bounces from one mirror to another.

Even when using a femtocamera that can film 1 million billion frames per second it is hard to catch the light as it flies. Instead, the researchers have sent millions of pulses in a 10 minutes time priod and then recorded what they could.

In the end, after composing the recorded images they could see the light clearly how it behaves like in the sci-fi movies.

How could they see the light? Usually we couldn’t see the light form a laser, but if you have enough gases int he air or something that could scatter the light much better than regular air, then you can also see some light from the laser.

Amazing tech. In the future we just may be able to film light in one shot. Amazing times await us!

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