The planet with two suns

Kepled 16b is a planet with two suns. Such a planet is called circumbinary and it located at 200 light-years from us. Kepler 16b is a big planet and orbits the tow suns, which in turn orbit each other at close proximity.

Kepler 16 is the system. In it Kepler 16A is the big star, then Kepler 16B is the small star and Kepler 16b is the planet. Upper case letters like B, for stars, and lowercase letters, like b, for planets.

Kepler 16b has a surface temperature of about -100 degrees Celsius and is about the size of Saturn, as it is a gas Giant. It has a gravity 1.5 times the one we have here.

Yup, the Universe has lots of surprises.

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