How to remove a stuck ring using an oxygen mask strap

If you have a ring on your finger that won’t go whatever you do, then there is a solution for that. Use an oxygen mask strap, or something the like, and then wrap the finger tightly in that starting from the tip to the base.

When you reach the ring push that strap underneath it until you can get the strap on the other side. Then pull the strap towards the finger tip and the ring will come down with it.

Nicely done!

Via Science Dump.

One Response to “How to remove a stuck ring using an oxygen mask strap”

  1. An elastic strap is too thick, and wrapping the whole finger is unnecessary. Use some 00 or 0 nylon suture and wrap tightly just above the ring, compressing the edema or fat. Slide the ring over the slippery suture, unwrap and rewrap above it again, and soon you’ll be past the knuckle.