Does the Sun have siblings?

It is believed that yes, the Sun does have siblings, but they’re hard to locate. Some believe one of the siblings is 100 light-years away, in the Hercules constellation. It seems that the Sun came from a group of several hundred stars and then it simply went away.

Since the Sun has a specific combination of elements, it is believed that the siblings should have about the same combination of elements in them. Searching among billions and billions of stars is hard, but the astronomers will likely find many siblings of Sun’s.

Why do we care so much about Sun’s siblings? Since its siblings are about its age we might expect some of them to have planets much like our own. Maybe there is life out there and we may find our galactic relatives.

In any ways, when we will meet the ET we will mark that as the biggest thing in our modern history. Will we be nice to them or vice-versa?

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