How much water do you need to extinguish the Sun?

Fraser Cain has a great video responding to this very question: how much water would extinguish the Sun? The answer is: none, nada. Any water you add to the Sun will make the Sun shine brighter and get bigger and “burn” hotter and faster.

The Sun does not burn in the sense that you got an object then light it up and then the chemical reaction of burning occurs. The Sun generates the heat by turning hydrogen atoms into helium atoms in a reaction called proton-proton reaction. That is the fusion reaction.

So, if you add any matter into the Sun, then that matter will be used to further help with fusion. So, since water had hydrogen and oxygen in it, the Sun will use the hydrogen to build more helium and will use the oxygen to build more heavier elements up to iron and so forth.

The only way to cool down the Sun is to send a big stream of water at it with the speed of light. This would rip parts of the Sun away and will make it smaller and thus colder with time. But, hey, you could use any possible matter if you could and get basically the same result.

So, no, you can’t extinguish the Sun with water because the Sun is not burning.

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