Amazing bills or banknotes from around the World

Vox presented a list of 11 amazing bills from around the world. You can be stunned by the way some guys build their bills or if you see how much some of these value. A good thing to know is the fact that China used the first the paper banknotes or bills.

Several cases:
– Phillipines, the largest banknote 8.5″x14″, 100 000 pisos
– Romania, 1917, the smallest banknote, 1.75″x1.3″, 10 bani
– Zimbabwe, the one trillion dollar note (worth 5USD)
– Switzerland, the Swiss franc is a vertical note
– Germany, 1921, the 2 marks note has a donkey taking a dump
– Australia, first to use polymer banknotes
– Canada, banknotes have aid for visually impaired people

Check more in the video from above. It’s well worth it.

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