Tech tips: how to save time the geeky way

David Pogue, tech columnist, knows many things about tech and he also knows that time is a limited resource. This is why he created a list of 10 tech tips to make you win some more time while you’re doing your job.

Here are those 10 tech tips to increase speed:
– press Space bar to scroll down a webpage when you’re browsing. do not use the mouse (shift + space will scroll up a page)
– drop-down in the forms don’t need to be clicked. simply press TAB until you reach them and then the starting letter of the state for example, until you see that name showing up in there
– increase text size by pressing CTRL or Command and +/ decrease the font size by pressing CTRL and –
– on mobile, when you send a text message, press Space twice to end the sentence and insert a dot
– on mobile, tap Call button directly if you want to call the last number you spoke with
– on mobile, when you hear the voice mail message press either * or # or 1 in order to get directly to the BEEEP and then record your message
– use Google to: define any word, see flight data, convert units. no Enter key press needed
– to select a word simply click on it twice and to replace a given text simply select it and then start writing (no need to hit the delete button), triple click to highlight a paragraph
– on small photo cameras press the button halfway to set the focus and then completely to take a swift picture of something moving fast

Have fun with the hours you just won!

Via Interesting Engineering.

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