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13 things you didn’t know about the snowflakes and snow

DNews’ Trace got it right: we don’t know a lot of things about snow and he’s here to make some light. Snow is great. Winter is also great. Those who live in warm climates won’t ever know how it feels to fight with snowballs.

The snowflakes have always six sides, although the particular pattern will be always different. At the center of a snowflake there is a always some sand or particle that generated that snowflake and inside it a ton of air bubbles are trapped.

This is why snow is a good sound insulator, but it is good as a home. Remember the iglus?

When a snowflake rushes down to Earth’s surface it does so at 3 mph, a very slow speed. Yup, not that high of a speed.

Watch the movie for more snow facts.

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