If you drink 6 L of water at once you die

The guys at Reactions have created an explained video in which we learn that the dose makes the poison. For example, were you to drink 6L at once, then you would die. You die because of loss of Na ions in your body and thus the electrical activity inside us is decreased. Heart and brain stop and you die.

There are other elements, like lead that can be poisonous at any level or cyanide will kill you fast and easy in quite small amounts. Remember, better to steer clear of poisons of any kind.


  1. Măi, nu mai puneți botul la articole despre conspirații&co.  | Manuel Cheta - 09. Dec, 2014

    […] de o limită anume. “Doza face otrava”. Chiar dacă apa este utilă este sufiecient să bei 6L de apă odată pentru a muri intoxicat cu apă. Legat de citatul cu doza face otrava, mulți ar trebui să citească articolul […]