Things that are radioactive and you don’t know it

Everything on Earth is radioactive. Do not forget that the Earth is also radioactive and gives off heat due to radioactive decay that is happening inside it. Due to this radioactive decay Earth will have enough heat for 1 billion years ahead.

So, a couple of things that are radioactive that we often might encounter:
– bananas – potassium-40 (these are also an unofficial radioactivity unit called BED – banana equivalent dose)
– kitty litter – bentonite (contains traces or uranium and thorium)
– NY Grand Central Station – granite
– emergency Exit signs – tritium (radioactive isotope of hydrogen, tritium + phosphorus = radioluminescence )
– brazil nuts – radium

In any case the radiation we are exposed to when we fly with the airplane is way more than you could get from these items in one year. And that is still a manageable level, of course.

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