The sixth extinction

The biosphere, meaning all life on Earth, has gone through 5 big extinction periods. The extinction affected mainly animals, so we can talk about five big animal extinctions. The sixth is happening now and we’re the one generating it.

A sad story, indeed.

Joe Hanson tells us that due to human action tons of animal species have been destroyed ie they went extinct. In any case, 98% of all species that ever lived are now extinct.

The five mass extinctions as seen from fossil records:
1. Ordovician – silurian: 450M years ago
2. Late devonian: 365M years ago
3. End permian: 250M years ago, the worst of all. Wiped out 96% of Earth species. “The Great Dying”!
4. Triassic-jurassic: 200M years ago
5. Cretaceous-paleogene: 66M years ago
6. Right now: humans lead to 1000 extinctions of mammals each 700 years, 45 000 extinction of amphibians every 1000 years due to climate change and habitat loss.

Invertebrates, which make up to 97% of species of Earth, had lost 45% of their species. So, yeah. we’re pretty much at fault here!

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