5 experiments you can try at home

The King of Random presents 5 experiments you can try and do at home. I tested the one with the vacuum bottle and it definitively works. Also, the one with the battery seems to be a pretty incredible experiment we could do.

Projects featured in this compilation:

– Steam Vacuum Experiment: http://bit.ly/SteamVacuum
– How to Make a 3 Penny Battery: http://bit.ly/PennyBattery
– Urine Ignition: http://bit.ly/UrineIgnition
– How to Make A butter Candle: http://bit.ly/ButterCandle
– Disposable Lighter Pyrotechnics: http://bit.ly/DisposableLighter

Since we’re talking about batteries, why won’t we learn what are the basic principles of functioning for each and every battery? Watch here:

One Response to “5 experiments you can try at home”

  1. I tried with the bottle, it worked.