The Ebola virus explained

There is never shortage of Ebola virus videos, but few of them are as informative as this one. The Ebola virus is a strange virus because it first attacks the immune cells and then the rest of the body. With the immune cells dead, the Ebola virus is free to infect the liver, the walls of the blood vessels and cause organ failures.

In West Africa only about 30% may live, but in the US about 80% of the infected ones, just a few cases of doctors who returned home from Africa, would live to see another day.

Once Ebola kills the immune cells, it destroys the blood vessel walls and then you start to bleed from the inside. Treatments with blood plasma transfer will help you survive.

Am Ebola patient is only contagious if he shows the sign of the disease, mainly fever at firsts. The mode of transmission: direct contact wit patient’s blood, vomit, saliva.

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