How were the pyramids built?

The pyramids from Egypt were build using workers that were paid for their labor. They would use a giant sled to carry the lime rocks to the place where the pyramids would be built. The workers would pour water in front of the sleds to make them slide smoother on the sand.

Also, the big lime rocks were cut by using water, some abrasive material and a copper saw. The rocks were pushed up a ramp that would be built on the lower levels of the pyramids. It was better this way as the alternative, building a straight ramp that goes to the top of the pyramids, would require more material than the pyramid itself.

The Gizeh pyramid is 140 meters tall, it took 2 million stones to build it and each such stone has 130 tons. It took 20 – 30 years to make such a pyramid, but they were and even today could be a spectacular view if they would still have their white limestone cover and the golden tip.

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