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Beginners guide to motherboards and what is a chipset

JaysTwoCents teaches us how to choose the motherboards more intelligently. Firstly, you need to decide what processor you will be using since the motherboards are strictly tied with the type of processor you want to use.

In the example above, if you want to use an Intel i7 5960X processor, then you need to use a motherboard like Asus Deluxe X99, which supports this processor, but which also has 8 slots for DDR5 RAM, 5 PCI-E slots, tons of USB 3.0 slots, a ton of other SATA 3.0 @ 6Gbps and also an M2.0 slot for an SSD.

Whenever you choose a motherboard you need to make sure you do not overspend on one where you won’t use it at its full capacity. If you’re an overclocker, then X99 Deluxe is your type, if not, then you can choose a lower end motherboard.

As a basic requirement for any new gamer you would need to look for a motherboard that supports:
– at least Intel i7 5960X or AMD FX 8370
– DDR4 – put 16GB in there

Then you can couple those with a nVidia GTX 980 video card or ATI R9 290X.

Also, what is a chipset? It is a set of two chips on a motherboard that control the way the pieces communicate with each other. Linus will explain what it is:

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