Learn the full story about ebola

I’ve written about ebola before and you need not fear if you’re outside West Africa. Ebola, also called Ebola Virus Disease, generated by the Ebola Zaire strain, is a virus that can be transmitted only via direct contact. So, if you’re in the same room with someone that is ill of ebola, then don’t touch him and do not let any of his fluids touch you: vomit, blood, spit. Survival rates are below 30%.

The disease has been discovered first time in the 70ties in animals and has since infected small pockets of humans, but the outbreak from this year is the biggest one. Ebola is able to spread in West Africa due to the lack of sanitation, burial practices that put relatives of the dead in direct contact with the dead (washing for example), too few medical staff.

Ebola has killed until now 10 000 people in almost the entire year. Comparatively, malaria, diarrhea, lack of food and water have killed a couple of million people in Africa this year. Ebola is a vicious disease, but nowhere as effective in killing people as the other situations.

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