First actual hoverboard: Hendo

It is not and antigravity hoverboard like you’d expect, but at least it is a maglev device that you can master and use. The Hendo hoverboard has four circular magnets that repel a metallic surface like copper or aluminum from underneath and can keep even 300 lbs 1 inch afloat. The Hendo team have a Kickstarter project rolling in right now and the Endgadget team has already tested it.

Such a hoverboard would be very pricy at $10k and it would need its own surface, otherwise it would not work. Future models would work with only a mesh, maybe, and you would need to redesign a duilding to use mettalic foors in order to use such a thing.

Will it work? Only if guys like Amazon and other big spenders would buy many such devices will we see the prices drop. In any case, it seems that we might go into the right direction.

Via Nicola Deiana.

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