Are microwave ovens a danger if you stay next to them? No.

No, microwave ovens are not the danger one woul;d think they are. The microwave radiation generated is at least 100 to 1000 times weaker than the visible light. Microwaves have wavelengths of 1cm to 1cm and that means energies of 12.4 microeV to 124 microeV. By comparison red light has at least 1.24 eV energy. It is still weak, but way powerfull than any microwave would be.

The heating power of the microwave is given by the fact that the waves are amplified in the microwave oven since they don’t have anywhere to do. In any case the microwaves are fine, you sue them daily in the phones or when you use WiFi(wifi, bluetooth use microwaves) so there is no harm in there. If the microwave oven works ok, then you can use it with no issues.

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