Titans of the sea: Mary Maersk, the mega container ship

Yes, the biggest ships ever are contained ships. Some of them are so big that they won’t fit into the Panama canal or they won’t be allowed i any US port. Such a behemoth is Mary Maersk, the mega container ship that can get 18 000 containers across the world.

NY Times have created the video from above and this article from which we learn that Mary Maersk, owned and operated by A. P. Moeller-Maersk of Denmark, is 1300 feet long, longer than the Eiffel Tower, actually, it is classified as Tripple-E giant container ship, and can carry 18 000 containers, piled 20 high.

It goes with about 16 to 18 knots and it gets from Europe to China in 34 days. How much does Mary Maersk cost? $190 million. Learn more amazing facts from NY Times.

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