So, it seems that our brains construct hardwired maps made out of neurons to map real maps

Too many map-ing words in the title? Wait for more. The Nobel prize for Medicine was presented on Monday and it was given to three individuals that were able to demonstrate that the brain is creating hardwired maps inside it made of actual neurons.

What happens is that the brain will be able to map key points of a given geographical area into individual neurons and then will use other neurons to help us build a path inside that map.

john O’Keefe, USA showed that the brain creates place cells, neurons that activate depending on where the brain perceives we are, much like: “hey, we are on position x,y because this neuron has fired”. May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser, Norway have focused on grid cells, neurons that map out our environment.

Grid cells provide the map, and place cells tell you where you are on it.

Nice: we have a ton of hardwired maps into our brains. Now, when I’ll play Gothic III all over again, those neurons will wake up. Nice to see that even things that are not real have a real impact.

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