Target tumors with electricity? We can do this!

With over 140 000 new cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, diagnosed each year in the US it is no wonder one would need to find a cure for cancer and fast. Doctors are now using electricity to target this type of cancer. Oncologist Adil Daud, Md, of UCSF School of Medicine told Inside Science, the creators of this video, that the tumors targeted this way have not come back.

First, the cancer cells are injected with an anti-cancer drug and then an electrode is inserted in there and short pulses of electricity are sent through the tumor. These electricity pulses cause pores int he cancer cells to briefly open and then the drug gets in. Early results show 95% success rate. Wow! Clever and sneaky way to fight with cancer! It also seems that if you target tumors this way other tumors, that were not targeted by electric pulses, will also regress. Neat.

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