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Bats are a farmer’s best friend

Joe Hanson explains why bats are such great creatures and why they are a farmer’s best friend. First things first: they are mammals that have their hands modified in such a way that they are now wings. Also, bats see as any other animal would so the myth that they are blind in false.

Also, Joe went to Bracken Cave, Comal County, TX, Us to learn more about bats. In there there are 20+ million Mexican fruit bats, the largest gathering of bats in the world. Bat Conservation International invited him to see the incredible world of bats and he found out that these bats eat up to 100 tons of insects a single night helping farmers by clearing up those nasty insects that will damage crops.

Bats, we love you. Hollywood, spot displaying bats as savage beasts that cling to our foreheads, ok?

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