Do you love the truth science brings us? Sense About Science needs our help

Sense About Science, the guys who created trustworthy guides about homeopathy lies (this one too), detox scams, are in need of donations. You can help too. You can find more info on their donations page.

We need to help groups of people who want to further the cause of science. Without having a ferm scientific knowledge we are in danger of killing ourselves when we do not accept vaccines or use homepopathic treatments that will never help us.

They also have a page with great resources. Those things require money, time and skilled people to work with.

Below is the email I’ve got from Sense About Science. Thanks, guys, for your hard work!

You know how much understanding evidence matters for people to play a full and informed role in society. When an animal rights group claims milk causes autism, or the Express runs a double-spread on untested cures for cancer, people need to ask for evidence and they need a place to go for reliable and trustworthy information about evidence.

In the last year, 95% of donations to our work came from individuals and this made up almost a quarter of our funds. That support has provided us with the essential independence to be that trustworthy source of expertise and evidence.

What we do affects people’s lives as well as policies and behaviour. I get emails from people like Nickie Hallam, who has MS, who after reading our guide about miracle cures told me, “I wish I’d read something like this 20 years ago. I may have saved angst, money and possibly aggravating my condition.”

Our ‘Ask for Evidence’ campaign is enlisting more of the public in our efforts and this could make it possible for us to do a lot more, and more effectively. With proper resources for understanding evidence and a serious public education campaign we can get more people demanding evidence from public figures and companies. Ask for Evidence is starting to light some fires under all sorts of organisations. Product claims have been withdrawn, politicians have apologised and vulnerable patients have been helped.

But we are only going to be able to build on this with some serious funding help, which is why in October we’re‎ launching an appeal to raise £2.6 million over five years.

Can you imagine a sustainable public campaign funded by individuals at every level? We can. For this to be successful, I need to secure some more founding donations at each of the levels of giving that I am setting out – this is essential to inspire others when the appeal becomes public in October.

So whatever you could give now would work twice for us – directly affecting what we can do and encouraging others to give too.

‎Do you think you might be able to help? Below are examples of how gifts can be structured over time. For example, a gift of £1000 can be given as £20 a month for just over four years. There is information about how to make a gift on our donation page, or please do call or email me to talk about it.

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