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The physics of space battles

Joe Hanson, from Its Okay To Be Smart, tried to imagine a real space battle in light of physics. It turns out that a space battle would not be in any way similar to those that you see in Star Wars.

First off, you don’t hear any sound in space. Shoooo. Then, once you have a given speed, you won’t need to use the thrusters unless you change direction. Also, using lasers will make aiming hard. Using nukes would be a better idea.

In any case Joe Hanson does not remind us of one thing: if a war needs to be waged in space, be sure that the human kind will find ways to fight in there too. Several physics issues aside, a combat space shuttle would be possible even today and you could make it quite versatile. You have computers that can handle a lot of the things you would need to handle. You just need to use the joystick and push the buttons.

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