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Why do leaves turn brown or yellow in fall?

Leaves have a lot of chlorophyll and thus they have a greenish color due to this substance. This substance takes carbon dioxide from the air and with the help of light generates oxygen and glucose. When fall comes there isn’t that much light around and trees start to generate less chlorophyll. Also, by this time a compund from inside chlorophyll called porphyrin breaks down in smaller chunks and thus chlorophyll also breaks down and loses its color.

When the chlorophyll breaks down it allows two other types of pigments to take control of the leaves coloring: carotenoids and flavonoids, which make the leaves turn yellow, brownish or read altogether. These pigments are actually created with the help of glucose stored in the leaves: red is given off by anthocyanin, yellow by carotenoids, and brown by tannins.

Also, since we’re at the chemistry lesson here, let’s learn something about raspberriesThe-Chemistry-of-Raspberries:

Raspberry smell is given off by raspberry ketone, which has the chemical name 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-one), but they also have a ton of other substances in them and along those substance is ethyl formate, which gives off a smell of rum. Yummy.

About raspberry ketone: around 1-4mg of raspberry ketone can be extracted from a kilogram of raspberries and the study done onf mice that indicated that mice that eat this substance f=lose fat was never tested on humans, so don’t fall into the trap of buying any crap supplements that tell you the raspberry ketones will help losing fat. simply don’t.

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