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Black holes don’t just eat stars, they also help creating them

Black holes are notoriously known as things that simply eat up everything that comes into their path and that is true, but that is not the hole truth. Black holes, especially the quasar type, can be used as galactic lighthouses as they shine brighter than the entire galaxy they’re in.

Some other black holes also help in creating new stars. That is the example of HE0450-2958, which is a lone black hole, but that spews out fast moving matter along with a ton of energy. HE0450-2958 has an accretion disk, meaning a lot of matter that spins around it while it is falling in the black hole, that generates an outflow in the form of a beam. That beam is insanely hot and has a ton of matter in it too.

That beam reaches then a companion galaxy where it simply lights up the gas and helps that gas come together and then clump in order to make new stars. This way the companion galaxy, which is located at 22 000 light years creates 350 new stars each year, a lot more than any other galaxy. The neat thing? The black hole travels in the direction of that galaxy and will finally be surrounded by the stars it helped create. Yay.

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